Ovule arrangement (placentation)

Flora of Australia Glossary — Vascular Plants

Compiled by A. McCusker


Ovule arrangement (placentation)

axile: on an axis; of a placenta, on the central axis of the ovary.

apical: of a placenta, at the top of the ovary.

basal: at the base; of a placenta, at the base of the ovary.

free-central: of placentation, with the ovules borne on a free-standing central placenta within the ovary.

marginal: occurring at or very close to the margin.

ovule: a structure in a seed plant within which one or more megaspores are formed and which develops into a seed after fertilisation.

parietal: attached to the margins of a structure; of placentation, having the ovules attached to placentas on the wall of the ovary.

placentation: the arrangement of placentas, and hence of ovules, within an ovary.