Exporting taxon profiles

Profiles can be exported as a PDF document.

Within the taxon profile page

  1. On the taxon profile page, click the ‘Options’ button to the right of the screen.
  2. Select ‘Export as PDF’. This brings up a small pop up window asking you to select which of the available parts of the profile you would like to include in your PDF. Use the check boxes to remove parts of the profile you wish to exclude.

Note the following

  • ‘Attributes’ refers to all the available fields in the ‘Profile’ tab (Description, Common name, Distribution, etc.).
  • The Taxonomy field is not included.
  • Regardless of whether a checkbox is present in the pop-up window, lower-level taxa are only able to be included where such taxa exist (e.g. species within a genus, subspecies/varieties within a species, etc.).
  • Where including lower-level taxa is applicable (e.g. species within a genus), the number able to be included is no more than 50, otherwise the following message will appear: ‘Lower level taxa cannot be exported as it exceeds the threshold limit of 50’.