Atlas of Living Australia Profiles

Welcome to the ALA Profiles online guide

This guide covers the general usage of the ALA Profiles application.

ALA Profiles is a system for maintaining and presenting taxonomic profiles, or treatments, for Australian species. This application allows content editors to enter descriptive text for their taxa of interest, and link to other Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) systems as well as third-party systems such as the National Species List (NSL) or Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) to automatically incorporate additional information into their profiles. This additional information covers a range of data, such as occurrence records, conservation statuses and images from the ALA, or details of the taxonomic nomenclature from the NSL.

Profiles are organised into Collections, each maintained by an expert group or organisation.

Profile data can be easily shared between collections, allowing authors to create rich data sets incorporating a range of information from authoritative sources without having to write all the content themselves.

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Creating your own collection

To create a collection, send a request to the Atlas of Living Australia outlining who you, or the organisation/group you work with, are, and what sort of information you would like to include in your collection. ALA staff will review the request and create your collection. Once created, you will be assigned as the Collection Administrator, and will be able to configure your collection as you see fit.