Leaf attachment to stem

Flora of Australia Glossary — Vascular Plants

Compiled by A. McCusker


Leaf attachment to stem

amplexicaul: of a leaf base, stem-clasping.

connate: fused to another organ (or other organs) of the same kind. cf. adnate.

peltate: of a leaf, having the stalk attached to the lower surface of the blade, not to the margin (also applied, in the same sense, to other stalked structures).

perfoliate: of a sessile leaf or bract, having its base completely wrapped around the stem.

sheath: the lower portion of a grass leaf, clasping the stem; one of the wing-like extensions to the margins of the petiole which wrap around and enclose the stem; closed sheath: one in which the wings are fused to form a cylinder; open sheath: one with a slit on the side opposite to the lamina.