Creating and Editing Text Content

Once your profile is ready to edit, you can contribute different types of content to the different ‘attributes’ which end up as the subheadings or integrated features displayed on the profile. Each attribute is indicated when editing the page by an orange box.

  • Most of your contribution will be directed towards textual attributes. These consist of three fields, Title/heading (e.g. Description), main text, and source.
  • There are many different attributes to choose from. Please follow the style guide provided for each attribute (Section 6). Some attributes must have information provided in each profile, while others are optional (see Contributor Guidelines).The most important attribute is the ‘Description’, which follows a standardised formula and will be crucial for Flora of Australia users in identifying plants.
  • All textual attributes allow you to format the text in a number of different ways, and can be done via the formatting bar above the main text. Most special characters are supported in the formatting bar, but they can be copied from another source (such as Microsoft Word), if desired.
  • Like in scientific publications, all external work is to be cited in text, with a full reference provided in the bibliography. If the text for a particular attribute was simply copied and pasted from another location, please use the “Source” field to provide a citation.
  • When you are finished with your contribution to an attribute, click “Save” at the bottom of the attribute.
  • NOTE: At the bottom of the profile there is a ‘Save All’ button, but it currently does not work consistently across all attributes, and is a bug we are fixing. Please ensure each of your attribute modifications are saved separately.
  • To view your changes as the public would see it, click the button left of “Options” at the top of the profile: “Public View”.
  • All changes to an attribute is stored and can be viewed by clicking “Show history” on the bottom left of the attribute.
  • To add a new attribute not featured on the default list displayed:
  1. Scroll to the top of the profile and click “Add Attribute”. Select the desired attribute name from the dropdown menu. Please note that some of these attribute names are deprecated, please refer to the Contributor Guidelines for the required attribute vocabulary.
  2. Once you have selected your desired attribute, it will appear in the series of attribute boxes below. Attributes will be re-ordered on the profile automatically according to settings set by the ABRS.
  3. If there is an attribute you would like to include that is not on the list of existing attributes, please contact ABRS ( and provide a justification for the creation of a new attribute.