Correcting nomenclature

The eFlora of Australia is linked to the National Species List (NSL), which delivers nomenclatural and protologue information to a taxon profile. However, sometimes this information may be incorrect.

In the example below, from Bryophytes of Australia, the Authority is incorrect. We know that Sematophyllum subhumile was originally described by Müll.Hal. in 1851 (See “Nomenclature and Typification” section on this profile). Therefore the name and authority should read Sematophyllum subhumile (Müll.Hal.) M.Fleisch


Incomplete authority information on the Sematophyllum subhumile profile.

There is a problem with the underlying nomenclatural database, in this case AusMoss. To view the entry in the NSL go to the relevant NSL shard for your taxon (splash page here) OR click the NSL button next to the name. apni_nslbutton

NSL splash page.

Now that you’ve found the entry for your taxon in the NSL, and confirmed your exact problem, you need to provide feedback to the database keepers so that they can correct it.

Click the “Provide Feedback” button on the far right hand side, next to the scroll bar.

NSL AusMoss entry for Sematophyllum subhumile.

Provide a detailed description of the problem to enable the data managers to fix the problem.

Example feedback

Note: Please allow some time for the changes to come through to the NSL and the ALA. The NSL data managers need to edit the database, and then the ALA only harvests the names database a few times a year.