Authorship and Acknowledgements

The different types of contribution to a profile can be attributed at the bottom of each profile. Some of the contribution types will be automatically generated into a recommended citation of the profile.

  • Author are be responsible writing new profiles, or for major revisions of a profile. Authors are strongly encouraged to use their own words and synthesise content when presenting treatments. Authors will be credited as authors in the automatically generated citation at the bottom of each profile page. Multiple authors should be separated by commas.
    Substantial changes to large attributes aside from the main description (e.g. Uses, Ecology) may be eligible for secondary authorship. Please use your own words and cite references.
  • Editors are responsible for overseeing the editorial process in a major revision (style checks and managing peer review), and will appear in the automatic citation of the profile. Please ensure the “Editor” not “Editor(s)” field is filled.
    Those who contribute minor revisions may add their names to the existing list of Editors, but listed after the editor responsible for the major revisions.
    Editors should be added in order of contribution date, and authors editing their own work will not be added in the list of Editors.
  • Contributors are responsible for minor revisions of a profile, and they will be accredited with a minor version in the “Contributors” section, with the date and description of the modification, see example below. Contributors may also append their name to the existing list of editors if the editing is substantial.
    Ensure more detailed minor versioning contributors and year and month are added in sequence to the “Contributors” field as below.
  • Acknowledgements is a free form field, where profile contributors may acknowledge field/lab assistants, granting bodies etc.

In the example below, the profile major revision was authored by Chippendale, and edited by Kodela (V1). The minor revisions (V1.1 etc) are presented as “Contributions”, with the name and date of contributor. If P.E. Bolton contributed to fixing a lot of mistakes they could add their name to the list of editors (in order of the date of contribution).

This appears like the following on the public profile: